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Visit our state-of-the-art flight simulation center in Scottsdale, AZ. We offer FAA certified flight simulators at an affordable price. They’re perfect for for pilots, independent CFI’s and their students who want a safe, cool, effective training option! 

See how you can save money and get your rating faster with flight simulator training!

What Makes Us Your Best Choice

Why Train With Us

Whether you are a certificated pilot who wants to log approaches for instrument currency, a CFI looking for a place to teach, or someone looking for her first experience in aviation, we invite you to rent time on one of our FAA certificated flight simulators.

Anybody can fly here, whether or not you have a pilot certificate! Ours is a particularly valuable resource for independent CFIs. Aerial Engagement is open and available to any instructor who desires to use our simulators for teaching. We can offer steam gauge or glass cockpits (Garmin G1000 NXi) in our sims. CFIs can teach from an instructor operating station and communicate through real aviation headsets, or alongside students in the same room as the simulator. This is a public resource, designed with the general aviation pilot and independent CFI in mind!

We are a professional flight simulation venue, open to the public. Perfect for for students, flight instructors and proficient pilots alike.

Our Simulators

Aerial Engagement provides access to advanced flight simulators that accurately replicate aircraft operation and behavior. These simulators are so realistic that pilots can add flight hours to their record without leaving the ground, a technology that has been used since the early days of aviation. Aerial Engagement specifically serves pilots in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Single-Engine Piston Simulator
Cessna 172S 182T, T182T, 206H or T206H Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit XPlane Software 3 x 22 inch monitors AATD by FAA LOA 02/2020
Multi-Engine Piston Simulator
Piper (Seminole or Seneca) and Beech Baron multi-engine, Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit, XPlane Software, 3 x 22 inch monitors, AATD by FAA LOA 02/2020
Glider Simulator
Glider Simulator Schleicher ASK-21, Schweizer SGS-233A, SGS 1-26D, and SGS 1-36 Sprite, Analog gauges, Condor Virtual Reality or 200° x 50° Direct Projection 3-channel dome, Certification pending

What People Are Saying

Our flight simulators are perfect for students, flight instructors and pilots. Our customers love the convenience, affordability and quality of our technology.. They know they can trust us to deliver a great experience every time.

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