COMMERCIAL RATING – Fly UNLIMITED until you pass your checkride!


Did you know that the FAA allows you to credit up to 50 hours in our Advanced Aviation Training Devices toward the minimum requirements for a Commercial Rating? How much would it cost to rent an airplane for 50 hours? More than $8,000? Spend $2,195 on the Unlimited Flight Club commercial package instead, and have a better experience! Here it is cool all the time, you don’t have to worry about traffic avoidance, and our simulators have a “pause” button, so you can stop discuss a flight as it is evolving. Try that in an airplane! Buy your all-access pass today! Reservations required.

There are three options in the Unlimited Flight Club. One is for the student pilot pursuing initial certification, one is for the private pilot pursuing an instrument rating, while the third supports work toward a commercial rating. This is where you enroll you in the Commercial Rating Unlimited Flight Club. Buy it and you will have an all-access pass to fly on our FAA Certificated AATD flight simulators until you pass your instrument checkride.  Reservations required.

Unlimited Simulator Time

Unlimited Simulator Time

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