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The pilot life is a learning journey. Your private pilot certificate starts you down the path, but it is only with experience and training that you advance on the road to proficiency and improvement. For the general aviation piston-engine pilot, the road leads through Aerial Engagement!

This is the place for professional instructors and proficient pilots!

What People Are Saying

Much of the flight training previously available only in an airplane is now available safely and cheaply on our FAA Certificated Flight Simulators – at a fraction of the cost an in much less time!

The fidelity of today’s FAA Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD’s) allows you to credit considerable time toward your flight training requirements. In our simulators, you can accrue creditable time in your logbook towards:

Part 61

* 61.109(k)(1) Private Pilot Certificate Aeronautical Experience – 2.5 hrs

* 61.65(i) Instrument Rating – 20 hrs

* 61.57(c) Instrument Experience 

* 61.57(d)(1) Instrument Proficience Check, per the instrument ACS

* 61.129(i)(1)(i) Commercial Pilot Certificate – 50 hrs

* 61.159(a)(4)(i) Airline Transport Pilot Certificate – 25 hours

Flight simulator time also is creditable under PART 141 in certain circumstances. Click here for a complete list of creditable PART 61 and PART 141 simulator time in our FAA Letter of Authorization. 

The FAA last qualified and approved airplane Precision Flight Controls, Inc. Model GTX, GTX Promotion and GTX MAX Promotion as Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD’s) on October 6, 2024 in accordance with Title 14 of the code of federal regulations (14 CFR) 61.4c.

See For Yourself

Very Convenient

You don't have to call around to find a plane to rent during a time that suits you. Just log into Flight Circle, our booking tool, pick your flight simulator time block. We often can accommodate same-day reservations. Check-in upon arrival takes less than five minutes. Without the need to do a walk-around, run up, taxi and transit to the practice area, you can begin training immediately.

Control Flight Conditions

Here, you can easily recreate almost any weather or mechanical condition you desire. In a metro area that has 300 sunny days a year, IFR conditions can be rare. At Aerial Engagement, you can fly in "0-0" conditions anytime you want, and you never have to wear foggles! Want to practice sudden loss of power, instrument failure or experience a bird strike? You can do all of that, and more!

Save Money

If you are going to become a pilot, you must put the hours in behind the yoke in the air. But there is a lot you can do, and receive log credit for, in a simulator for a fraction of the cost. See below!

Save Time

If you are pressed for time, a flight simulator gives you the most training in the shortest possible time period. In an hour, an pilot ofen is able to shoot and log six approches at Aerial Engagement for IFR currency.
Total cost: less than $80!

Very Accessible

Aerial Engagement is located across the street (to the east) from the runway at Scottsdale Airport, KSDL. Park at our door and you are inside our modern, air-conditioned space in mere minutes.

Seneca Multi-Engine or Piper Seminole Simulator

Original Garmin GNXi Cockpit
Like our Cessna 172S simulator, we also have this feature here. Aside from the fact that it models a real plane’s cockpit display, the seat has adjustable armrests and can be adjusted backward and forward. This stands out from simulator providers who prefer an office chair. This feature also comes with a multi-display feature that comes with a split screen. This lets the pilot view different data simultaneously and make important decisions faster.

X-Plane Software
This is the heart of our simulator. This is where the line between a plane and a simulator gets blurry. With our software, you get an ultra-realistic flying experience because you will feel like the plane is actually in the air, thanks to the scenery the software provides. Every little detail, including the effects, flight conditions, and sounds, is exactly like what you feel or see in a real plane.

3 x 22-inch Monitors
This sophisticated device is part of our Seneca Multi-Engine simulator. It’s capable of providing the pilots with multiple views. For instance, the aerial view of an airport as well as its runway. The screenings offer a high-resolution view of the entire flight environment, enhancing your flying experience. Its GPS-based visual approach features give you easy access to several airports.

Glider Simulator

Real Weather Replication
From foggy takeoffs to turbulent landings, our simulator recreates the full range of flight conditions any pilot can expect. Configure it to rain cats and dogs if you feel like putting your skills to the test in unpleasant weather!

Navigation and ATC Feature
Our glider simulator packs a punch with its top-notch navigation system, including cool features like non-directional beacons (NDBs), very high-frequency omni-directional range (VORs), and even a global positioning system (GPS). Plus, if you enjoy going through pre-flight procedures (testing your radio and requesting clearance), you can use the ATC (air traffic control) feature for some extra fun.

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About Aerial Engagement

At Aerial Engagement, we don’t train pilots, but we do make some pretty amazing simulators for the aviation industry. Think of us as the nerdy cool kids who design FAA-certified AATD simulators. With a team of talented software developers and technicians who eat, breathe, and sleep flight simulators, we’ve got over a decade of experience under our wings. We take the “simulator” part seriously so you can take flight safely and confidently.

We work with top-notch avionics manufacturers to make sure our facilities are off-the-charts. Our state-of-the-art facilities house twenty simulators primed and ready to take flight.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you’re a pilot seeking the right place to do what you do best, Aerial Engagement is the right place for you. That’s why we implore you to contact us for further inquiries or to book a flight session.

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