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Glider Simulators

Gliders are the perfect craft with which to learn the fundamentals of piloting. Without a motor, and with only a stick and rudder as flight controls, glider students have nothing to distract them. They are free to concentrate on maneuvering their sailplane through a column of air to see how their inputs directly affect performance. With our three glider simulators, you can experience this flight before actually taking to the air.

We offer glider simulation in the following formats:

  • A 200 degree dome and a real two-place fuselage;
  • High resolution curved screen with conventional cockpit chair; or
  • A virtual reality environment.

Gliders remain aloft by finding and exploiting “thermals” of air. A thermal is a rising column of air created by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface. Our glider weather models present realistic thermal conditions, based on the terrain and temperature inputs entered in the software. Pilots can practice their energy management skills in simulated ridge soaring or cross-country wave flying.

As for launching, the glider simulators at Aerial Engagement offer either aero-tow or ground launch configurations in each of the simulators.

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Superior Soaring

Aerial Engagement believes so strongly in using gliders as the best platform for beginning an aviation career that we have formed a sister company called Superior Soaring. The company takes glider flying to the next level. Superior Soaring is a commercial glider operation that owns four gliders. It has two two-place trainers and two one seat sailplanes. The aircraft are launched with a ground winch configuration at our home gliderport in Superior, Arizona.

For more information about Superior Soaring, click the button below to go to its web page.

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About Aerial Engagement

Aerial Engagement is a leading provider of flight simulator accessibility.

As a public venue, we are open to anyone – with or without experience or a pilot rating. This kind of advanced technology has previously only been available for students enrolled in flight school. Now, independent flight instructors, students and pilots have their own studio.

All of us are pilots, having acquired a combined 30,000 hours of flight time in dozens of different air frames – including gliders! We are always looking at innovative ways to make flight simulators a meaningful, effective part of your aviation journey.

We also are aerospace engineers and software architects, investing in research and development to  ensure that our clients get the best experience when using any of our flight simulators.

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