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Simulator Training on our Twin piston-engine simulator

Are you looking for the most cost effective way to train on Piper Seminole or Seneca Twin-Engine aircraft? Our modern twin-engine piston simulator is the answer. At Aerial Engagement, we support pilots in training and their instructors with the right products to help them achieve their training objectives. We offer Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) to give you the appropriate FAA Certificated Flight Simulator for your use.

  • Piper Seminole or Seneca or Beechcraft Baron
  • Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit
  • XPlane Software
  • 3 x 22 inch monitors
  • AATD by FAA LOA 02/2020

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The Advantages of

Training on a Simulator VS Renting a Plane

In your pursuit of a multi-engine rating, shaking off the rust, or practicing a cross country trip in advance, consider using our Twin Piston-Engine trainer. 

You can create almost any imaginable weather situation or mechanical failure.  Want to practice landing with a critical engine failure? How about landing with a 20 knot crosswind? You can simulate a clogged pitot tube, venturi icing or a bird strike. Fly with one mile visibility and ceilings at minimums or VFR.

There are hundreds of available scenarios, permitting you to practice high-risk  and rough weather manuevers in complete safety!

Safety is only one reason to include simulators in your overall flight training program. Cost is another factor. A wet airplane as of this writing rents for, on average, $165 in the Phoenix Valley. When you consider your walk-around, taxiing, holds, takeoff and transit to the practice area, how much training can you accomplish in two hours? Would there be an hour of prep and transit time and an hour of learning? Instead of renting an airplane for two hours ($330) to get one hour of learning, how much more efficient and less expensive would it be to get a full hour of learning for less than $70 on an FAA Certificated Flight Simulator? 

You can practice here with or without a safety pilot or instructor, logging time for hundreds of dollars less than renting an airplane.

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Why do Users Love

the twin piston-engine simulator?

Our Twin Piston-Engine Simulator comes with heaps of benefits for flight instructors and their students. Our clients picked our simulator for these reasons, among others…

Detailed Scenery

The XPlane scenery provides a flight environment with high resolution. You can fly out of Scottsdale Airport using familiar landmarks like Pinnacle Peak or Camelback Mountain, or you can load Seattle-Tacoma Internatiional to practice an instrument approach there. Choose any region of the world and get realistic depictions every time!


With some simulators you can feel as if you are playing a video game on a home computer. Ours greatly elevate that experience. Each simulator is in a room all its own. You are sit in real cockpit seats with real avionics. You communicate with real aviation headsets with an instructor, who has complete control at a dedicated IOS.


Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit: Expect faster and brighter screen performance on our Seneca/Seminole Twin-Engine Simulator. Thanks to the Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit, our users can train on the very system they are likely to encounter in their real world aviation careers.

XPlane Software: With the Twin Piston-Engine Simulator, you can now enjoy flying like never before. Our professional X-Plane software makes the scenery so lifelike you’ll feel like you’re actually up in the air. And don’t even get me started on the details of our cockpits, effects, sounds, and flight conditions – it’s almost like the real deal.

3 x 22-inch monitors: These large monitors not only give you a vivid view of the flight environment in high resolution but also provide access to almost any airport in the world, using GPS-based visual approach features. Even if you want to keep an eye on the runway and take in the aerial view of an airport, these monitors have you covered with space for multiple tasks at once.

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About Aerial Engagement

Aerial Engagement is a company that offers multiple flight simulators for the use of instructors, their students and certificated pilots. We are a company with more than two decades of experience. Our product line includes three top-notch flight simulators that have received great ratings from student pilots and their instructors. These include:

  • Twin-Engine Piston Simulator
  • Single-engine piston Simulator
  • Glider Simulator

Why Choose Us?

At Aerial Engagement, our people have built their reputation in the aviation industry for over 20 years. We understand the diverse needs of our clients and have developed various strategies to meet them.


We are customer-oriented and strongly believe in premium customer satisfaction at competitive prices. As a result, we have a growing list of satisfied customers who have repeatedly booked our simulators for more than ten sessions. Take advantage of our flexible plans – like the Unlimited Flight Club –  to save costs on multiple training sessions.

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Talk to our experts so you can get more insight into how our Twin-Engine Piston Simulator perfectly matches your training needs. We take pride in customer satisfaction. Hence, we put our customers’ needs first and make sure they choose the best products every time they order.


If you are excited about our Twin-Engine Piston Simulator, come and have a free tour of our facilities so you can have a glimpse of the quality service delivery that awaits you when you book one of our simulators. You are one action away from getting the best flight simulator you have ever trained with. Speak to our agents today.

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