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Our Single Piston-Engine Simulator

If you are looking to train on a single-engine piston aircraft without spending a lot of money, Aerial Engagement’s modern flight simulation studio has your back. Our FAA-certificated simulator is the real deal, offering the best experience to support instructors, students and certificated pilots in reaching their training goals. Forget the pricey plane rental. Simulator training is cheaper, safer, and easy to schedule. It doesn’t completely take the place of the airplane, but simulator training is an excellent, efficient way to reinforce in-air learning, reducing your overall learning time.

Our Precision Flight Control GTX

Our  technology simulates several of the most popular general aviation airplanes, including the single-engine Cessna 172s, 182T, T182T, 206H and T206H.

Manufactured by Precision Flight Controls and certificated by the FAA as an Advanced Aviation Training Device, our GTX is among the best modern flight simulators out there. Pilots, students and flight instructors swear by it. Plus, we’ve added authentic seats and armrests to build realistic cockpits.

When it comes to user-friendly teaching systems for instructors and students, our PFC simulator is a standout player. Our clients can’t get enough of it. Here are some of their favourite features:

Original Garmin G-1000 NXi system: Our Garmin G1000 NXi system is authentic equipment with actual knobs and buttons (no touchscreens here!). Some simulator companies claim to have Garmin-like navigation screens, but they’re weak imitations. We only use professional, top-of-the-line avionics that you’d find on a real airplane.

Flight Controls: We offer yokes with full force feedback and authentic rudder pedals.

Training and Learning Resources: Our single-engine simulator adapts to any curriculum or maneuver list you bring to the studio. Simulators are great for student and expert pilots to work on Practical Test Standards, try out an unfamiliar approach before flying it in the airplane, or just building time.

Developer Support and Updates: We’re all about keeping things fresh around here. We make sure our approach plates are current and we promptly fix bugs and install updates to keep things running smoothly. Our developers are always on the case so you can have an amazing experience with our software.


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Training on a Simulator VS Renting a Plane

If you’re a student training to be a pilot, you’ll need to rack up lots of flight hours. The cost of accruing that time depends on how you combine resources. Increasingly, students are realizing that a certificated flight simulator, when used in combination with the airplane, can increase safety and efficiency and greatly reduce cost.

Reduced Cost

The cost of renting a single-engine piston aircraft with fuel exceeds $160 per hour. The training you actually receive during an hour is reduced by run up, taxiing, takeoff and transit to and from the training airspace. The average cost of an hour on our simulator is around $70 an hour and each hour is fully spent on training. You come in, sit down, and begin.

Detailed Feedback & Analysis

Our flight simulator provides detailed feedback and analysis of your performance. It tracks and records data such as speed, altitude, and flight path, allowing you to review and evaluate your maneuvers, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress over time. You can even “pause” to stop and evaluate performance in mid-flight. Try that in an airplane!

Experimentation & Exploration

Flight simulators encourage experimentation and exploration. You can try different techniques, practice difficult maneuvers, and experiment with advanced procedures without real-world consequences. This freedom fosters confidence and reinforces good aeronautical decision-making.

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About Aerial Engagement

Aerial Engagement is a leading provider of flight simulator accessibility.

As a public venue, we are open to anyone – with or without experience or a pilot rating. This kind of advanced technology has previously only been available for students enrolled in flight school. Now, independent flight instructors, students and pilots have their own studio.

All of us are pilots, having acquired a combined 30,000 hours of flight time in dozens of different air frames – including gliders! We are always looking at innovative ways to make flight simulators a meaningful, effective part of your aviation journey.

We also are aerospace engineers and software architects, investing in research and development to  ensure that our clients get the best experience when using any of our flight simulators.

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We value our customers’ time. Since you have decided to dedicate specific time in your schedule for practice, we support you by providing you with the required simulator based on your schedule.

No delays, no apologies. We do our best to ensure our flight simulator is available for your use after booking flight sessions with us. We use Flight Circle as our booking tool.

In case you want to tour our facilities before making any commitments. Fill out the form at the top of this page to schedule a free visit to our facilities to see how our services can meet your demand.

There’s unlimited fun and possibilities for mastery when you book our simulator as a stepping stone to the sky.

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