Unlimited Flight Club

Join our unlimited flight club during the holidays for just $899!


You have never seen an offer like this!

Our Black Friday pricing is the best price of the year on our Unlimited Flight Club memberships!! Aerial Engagement is disrupting the flight training industry by offering flight students UNLIMITED TIME on our FAA Certificated Flight Simulators for one price.  During the holidays, you can lock unlimited flying for 2024 and save big!

Join the Unlimited Flight Club for $899 and fly our simulators as much as you want until you pass your check ride.


No fine print. No exceptions.

If you spend 10 hours flying at Aerial Engagement or 100 before you pass your checkride, you’ll never pay more than $899 for the time, IF YOU ACT BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2023! if you fail your checkride and need more practice, you owe us nothing to train here until you do! 

You still have to spend time in the air with an instructor. But you will build proficiency FASTER and SAVE thousands of dollars by flying our Advanced Aviation Training Devices between trips to the airport! You may choose to bring your own instructor with you, or practice by yourself.

No spinning in the stack. No traffic avoidance. No melting in the cockpit from Arizona heat. Best of all, the time you spend here could be creditable in your logbook (see FAA Letter of Authorization).

The offer is available to certificated student pilots seeking their initial rating as Private Pilot/Airplane. The offer also is available to certificated private pilots pursuing an instrument endorsement. We have an Unlimited Club for pilots pursuing their commercial rating, too. That price is $1,995 during our Black Friday Sale! Other users may purchase blocks of flight simulator time at reduced rates, but will not receive the unlimited benefit. 


Or contact us for more information. 

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Save Time & Money with Unlimited Flights

Overall, Aerial Engagement’s Unlimited Flight Club offers a cost effective way for pilots and flight students to gain training without having to pay for expensive aircraft rentals. The club provides users with unlimited flights at one fixed price and is a great way to save money while becoming a proficient pilot. Come visit us today and experience the thrill!

What Our Customers Say

Discover the benefits of Aerial Engagement’s flight simulator training for students, flight instructors, and pilots. Our products are highly convenient, affordable, and of great quality, which our customers adore. They trust us to consistently deliver an excellent experience.

Single-Engine Piston Simulator
Cessna 172S 182T, T182T, 206H or T206H Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit XPlane Software 3 x 22 inch monitors AATD by FAA LOA 02/2020
Multi-Engine Piston Simulator
Piper Seminole or Seneca multi-engine Garmin G1000 NXi cockpit XPlane Software 3 x 22 inch monitors AATD by FAA LOA 02/2020
Glider Simulator
Glider Simulator Schleicher ASK-21, Schweizer SGS-233A and SGS 1-26D, SGS 1-36 Sprite Analog gauges Condor Virtual Reality or 200° x 50° Direct Projection 3-channel dome Certification pending

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